Why don't you have meals with fish or meat?


We are constantly working on new recipes and don't categorically rule out a meaty or fishy meal solution. But we want to develope a recipe, that convinces us taste wise. If you have ever tried conventional meat porridge from a shelf, you’ll know that good taste doesn’t come easy in that department.

In the meantime, when we create our purees, we make sure that we use valuable sources of protein and iron. Our Cocohontas porridge for instance, has a natural plant-based protein source thanks to chickpeas. Beetney Spears & Carrot Kid on the other hand sport protein in the form of lentils and Spinachu with tofu. The purees Heidi Plum & Mango No. 5 contain a natural source of iron, thanks to some spelt and millet. We’ve also added natural fruit powder made from acerola cherry. It contains a lot of vitamin C, which strongly supports the absorption of iron.

Obviously, you can enrich our vegetable porridges with fresh organic meat (veal, beef or chicken are good choices) or other side dishes that suit your child's eating habits or your daily routine.

PS: discover lots of delicious and easy do-it-yourself porridge recipes on our blog.

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